Check Out These Vintage Photos of the Tournament of Roses Parade

A Rose Parade float in 1894, commemorating Pasadena's founding in 1874. Courtesy of the LA Public Library Online Photo Collections
A Rose Parade float in 1894, commemorating Pasadena’s founding in 1874. Courtesy of the LA Public Library Online Photo Collections


Where, oh where did 2013 go? You may have noticed posts here were few and far between after the summer. (Oops.) This year brought big changes in my non-bloggy life: for one, I quit my full-time job as a copywriter and finally made the switch to freelancing. And beginning in July, I’ve been working as associate editor over at Racked LA, the fashion and retail-focused sister site of attitude-y real estate blog Curbed and foodie news site Eater.

Rather than offer excuse after excuse as to why it’s been quiet around here (Laziness? Lack of time management? All of the above) or recycle resolutions that I’ll invariably abandon a month from now, I propose taking a blast to the past as we look to 2014. Tomorrow, dozens of floral masterpieces, marching bands and more will cruise down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena for the 125th annual Tournament of Roses Parade. But back in 1890, the parade was just a quiet procession of horse-drawn carriages. Below, take a look at scenes from parades past, from 1891 to 1969, courtesy of the LA Public Library and USC Digital Libraries.

If you, too, definitely won’t be up bright and early to catch the Rose Parade on the telly tomorrow (sorry, not sorry), I highly suggest checking out the post-parade float showcase to see the massive floral masterpieces up close. Oh, and if you’re planning to party your hats off and dance the night away tonight (and presumably booze it up), keep in mind Metro is offering free rides from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Happy new year!

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    The photo of the Rose Queen coronation occurred in late 1951, but this was Nancy Thorne, the Queen for January 1, 1952. The 1952 Rose Queen.

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