It’s the end of the road for ‘California’s Gold’

Best nuptials ever? Huell Howser officiates a backyard wedding. Photo courtesy of NathanGibbs on Flickr

Huell Howser has a knack for making anything seem interesting. As a child, I’d spend summers at my grandmother’s Baldwin Park home and set the television’s VHF dial to channel 12 to tune into KCET’s “California’s Gold.” Salt mines, historic Hollywood landmarks, aqueducts, hundred-year-old trees, Disneyland, poppy fields and everything in between were subject to Howser’s signature line: “That’s amazing!” The show took me on adventures to places local and afar and sparked my interest in exploring my own city.

Today, Howser announced he’d be retiring from the public television show that made the entire Golden State shine past Hollywood’s glittering sidewalks.

The Sacramento Bee writes:

The Tennessee native and Marine Corps veteran began his television career in Nashville on commercial television. After stints in New York City and Los Angeles, Howser joined public television station KCET in Los Angeles.

California’s Gold, after 19 years in production, has been called unslick and charming. His shows have spawned drinking games in which, a glass is lifted every time Howser utters “That’s amazing!” or when he says something that might seem a tad obvious to a viewer.

Here are a few official and unofficial highlights of Huell:

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