Republic of Pie, Brick Yard Pub, Cahuenga General Store and More from NoHo

The NoHo Arts District has been booming with new businesses as of late, and ever since the Laemmle NoHo 7 theatres opened at Lankershim and Magnolia Boulevards, the area continues to stake its claim as the Valley’s burgeoning hot-spot.

Here are a few places (old and new) I’ve added to my list of favorites, as profiled for my column About Town on North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch.

Republic of Pie in North Hollywood
The NoHo Arts District’s new Republic of Pie serves up sweet & savory pies with Handsome coffee. Photo originally appeared on North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch.

Republic of Pie: The Hot New Slice in Town. If Four ‘N 20 had a hipper, younger sibling, this place is it.  It’s got a San Francisco-meets-Silver Lake feel and their Handsome coffee easily knocks Starbucks off the block.  From NoHo Patch:

Republic of Pie reflects (owner and chef Jon) Stocking’s personal and business philosophy — It’s evident in the space that he believes in creating a sense of community and maintaining a commitment to the planet’s well-being. The chef-slash-businessman wants his restaurant to be all about serving its customers, whether its through exceeding their expectations with great service or feeding them quality food and coffee from local sources at a price better than those major coffee places. He adds that customers will be able text their order for pick-up, and that he’s petitioning the city to remove the parking meters in front of the shop to create a loading zone.

The Brick Yard Pub in North Hollywood
The Brick Yard Pub in North Hollywood serves over 70 different bottled beers. Photo originally appeared on North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch.

Billiards is Back at Brick Yard Pub. Taking over the beloved but run-down North Hollywood Billiards is the Brick Yard Pub. The new bar offers over 70 different bottled beers (unfortunately, none on tap…yet?) and features pool tables, darts, shuffle boards and “ball & cup” tables. From NoHo Patch:

It’s a beer connoisseur’s dream: I counted at least 80 different beers on the menu ranging from the usual lagers (think sports bar faves Bud, Miller, Corona, PBR) and the entire spectrum of ales (from Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Boddingtons, Chimay and everything in between) to ciders, IPAs, California craft, and my personal favorite, stouts and bocks.

After ordering a $5 pint of Magic Hat #9 to share, we wander behind a wood wall that separates the bar area from the pool room. In addition to the shuffleboards and dartboards in the front room, there are eight billiard tables and a couple of cups & balls tables (read: beer pong) in the back. One might miss the back room entirely if it weren’t for the neon “Pool Tables” signs at the rear doorways.

Though I’d never been to the space’s predecessor, North Hollywood Billiards, which had been at the location for 42 years, the bar’s feel appeared to be a far cry from the old pool hall. I never truly made time to visit the pool hall when I still lived in the Arts District, and part of me feels guilty that I didn’t give the old neighborhood hangout a chance. I’m one who can always find something to love underneath the dirt and grime of a place, but I couldn’t see past its seemingly-dingy charm and wary-looking patrons when I passed by on my evening dog walks.

Cahuenga General Store in North Hollywood
Cahuenga General Store sells cappuccinos, lattes, sandwiches and vintage-inspired knick-knacks in North Hollywood. Photo originally appeared on North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch.

Cahuenga General Store: From Prop House to Coffee House. Recently voted by local Patch readers as the area’s best coffee, CGS has been serving North Hollywood coffee, sandwiches and live music since 1996.  Tucked away on Cahuenga Boulvard by Chandler (just past the Iliad Bookstore), it might be considered a hidden gem by those how dismiss the industrial area.  From NoHo Patch:

To an undiscerning eye, Cahuenga General Store looks as if it’s been serving food and dry goods to North Hollywood’s residents since the turn of the 19th century.

Look up, and you’ll see collections of antique bistro chairs, blue enamel pots and mason jars hung on the ceiling. On the shelves, there are old-fashioned soaps, candles and paper ephemera. The floor is worn and creaky, as if it’s lived through generations of customers who traveled by horse & carriage, then by horseless carriage to get their goods.

When I visit for a cappuccino and breakfast one morning, I’m not surprised when Frank, the man behind the counter, tells me the store is the work of a Hollywood set decorator. In fact, Cahuenga General Store began as a movie props rental house, he says when I ask about all the old-timey décor.

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