Memories of Italy

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve returned to American soil from Italy, and I often find myself staring out my window at work (it faces another building, nothing exciting!) daydreaming of our adventures past. I’m so grateful we took the time to savor every minute and second of it all, knowing full well we would be wishing to be transported back to that moment in a mere matter of weeks.

I’ll get back to writing about my home city, but for now, some memories (with photos) of our trip.  Click on the photos above to read more…I apologize for the wonky image viewing format, I’m in the process of smoothing out the kinks for the Flash slideshow at the moment.

Have you been to Italy? Let me know what I missed! What were your favorite sights/memories?

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  • @dinedelish

    This is so cool. You are fortunate to have traveled and come back.. looks like you had a blast!

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