Filipino Fare at Red Ribbon Bakery

Tasty treats! You'll find a lot of these desserts topped with a little bit of cheese because Filipinos are weird like that.

I love mamon.  While Urban Dictionary might mislead you into thinking it’s an “absurd f*ckhead”, “insolent little douchebag” or an all-around lazy snob, it’s actually a mouth-watering  yellow spongecake courtesy of the Philippines (my peeps!).  So when we were just around the corner from Red Ribbon Bakery in Hollywood after checking out the Southwest Barista Competition (more deets + photos to be posted on LAist!), I couldn’t resist taming my cappuccino jitters with one of my fave Filipino snacks.

A savory chicken empanada from Red Ribbon Bakery.

If you’re adventurous, try the dinuguan, which means “blood” in Tagalog.  Yep, you read that right — It’s a dish made of pig’s blood, plus some other leftover parts (snout, heart, liver, etc.).  If you’d rather stick to something less daunting, try the the Flips’ version of empanadas.  For a bite of fluffy heaven, finish off with some mamon.

Red Ribbon Bakery's mocha mamon will melt in your mouth.

Satisfy your Barney-lovin’ inner child with their purple ube cake…It gets its violet-ness from purple yam (and probably with the help of some food coloring).

Ube cake at Red Ribbon Bakery.

Want to try some more Flip food?  Check out the list below, or feel free to comment with your suggestions!

  • Max’s Restaurant of Manila (313 W. Broadway Blvd., Glendale) – It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here, but from what I remember their sinigang soup with radish is pretty authentic.
  • Pondahan (535 S. California Ave., West Covina)
  • Manila Machine – This food truck has amazing chicken adobo sliders. Don’t forget the dipping sauce!
  • Jolibee – This Filipino fast-food chain is the place to go if you prefer hot dogs over meatballs in your spaghetti.
  • Goldilocks Bakery

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