Eats Around Town: Juicy Burger in Hollywood

Juicy Burger in Hollywood
A tasty burger from Juicy Burger in Hollywood

I just stumbled upon what might possibly be the best (and budget-friendly at just over $6) veggie burger I’ve ever eaten in my life at Juicy Burger in Hollywood.  This ain’t your fresh-out-of-the-Gardenburger-box type of fresh; it’s the real deal: black beans, corn and a whole lot of other tasty greens, plus whatever add-ons your heart desires. The masterpiece at left is the veggie burger with their classic bun (you can also opt for a ciabatta bread or lettuce wrapped), mayo, ketchup, cheddar, tomato and ketchup.  For a maximum food coma, try their fries with ranch dressing.

Located at 6340 Hollywood Blvd.

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